JULY 19 TO 21, 2024


THREE events. A breathtaking triathlon.


0.75 km swim
20 km bike
5 km run


1.5 km swim
40 km bike
10 km run


1.9 km swim
90 km bike
21.097 km run

The Wendat Community

We are filled with great pride and deep gratitude for our cooperation with the Huron-Wendat community regarding this event. Their history is rooted in the lands and waters of the continent, from Georgian Bay to the mouths of the Saint-Lawrence. Today, in Wendake, near the canyon of the Akiawenrahk (Saint-Charles) River, this dynamic and prosperous community draws from its roots while remaining open to its environment.

This union with the Huron-Wendat community represents an invaluable treasure for us. We look forward to sharing with them this sports and cultural adventure that celebrates the richness of our common heritage and the strength of our unity.

Canadian Armed Forces

We are extremely honored to open our doors to members of the Canadian Armed Forces for the Cap Quebec City Triathlon. This event represents an exceptional opportunity for our brave soldiers to gather, learn, train, and face this challenge together. We look forward to sharing this memorable moment with these men and women who embody the values of dedication, discipline, and determination so well.

The Forces primarily focus on the Olympic distance, chosen for the International Military Sports Council (CISM), which is one of the largest multidisciplinary organizations in the world. The CISM organizes various sports events for the armed forces of its 140 member countries.